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24 April , 2013
Within the activities of the association and according to the invitation extended to us from Judy Expo and Travel, a delegation of IBA members visited RESALE (International Trade Fair for used machinery and equipment), which was held in Germany - Cologne in 22 to 24 April 2013
Meetings with several specialized companies has been held and cooperation has been organized among Iraqi businessmen of our society and among those companies in the future, as they have made clear their willingness to cooperate fully with us in attending exhibitions and invitations to all members who wish to participate in those exhibitions.
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3 Mar , 2013
Within the activities of the association and according to the invitation extended to us from Judy Expo and Travel, a delegation of IBA members visited MODECO Izmir Furniture Fair 2013, which was held in Izmir/Turkey in 27 Feb. to 3 Mar. 2013
On the sidelines of the visit, a meeting with the president of the organized company was held and talked about the prospects of future cooperation between our association and the company to let the members get the benefit of the exhibitions, each according to their specialization, they received us and expressed their full readiness to cooperate with us.
We also offered IBA shield as an expression of our gratitude for the organized company for their cooperation with us.
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Putrajaya International Convention Centre
28-30 September
The World Marketing Summit (WMS) aims to revolutionise the way we think, live and act as an INDIVIDUAL and within our COMMUNITY, NATION and in the GLOBAL context. It is a global marketing collaboration that aims to redefine the future of marketing by creating new development approaches through marketing.

The Summit is a legacy of the World's most influential marketing guru Professor Philip Kotler with the vision that it will be an annual gathering of thinkers, social activists, corporate captains – agents of social change from developed and developing countries working in concert to address and devise actionable solutions with measurable objectives.

PARTNERS – who will walk the talk. PEOPLE – who share the vision to create "A Better World Through Marketing". REACHING OUT – to make a REAL DIFFERENCE.

WMS plays an important role in guiding the future of marketing in embracing the human mind, heart and spirit and at its heart lies the all-important: INCUBATORS/YOUNG ENTERPRENEURS.

The incubators mentioned are the nursery for the life-seeds or "ideas" sown at the Summits and are a collaborative pilot project undertaken jointly with leading institutions of higher learning and research centres with a clear focus on translating marketing driven approaches in developing "actionable and sustainable" solutions that may be deployed across the globe.

The World Marketing Summit works to create global shifts in human behaviour through marketing strategies that impact society and our lives.
WORLD MARKETING SUMMIT2013 http://wmsmalaysia.org
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Iraqi Businessmen delegation in a visit to Greece
Greece - November, 2012

In coordination with the official Greek Authorities, 18 members from IBA had joined the pre-arranged business meetings (4/11/12 to 9/11/12) with the major selective Greek companies who had shared their business interest with this event participation from IBA members and discuss any new investments opportunities in both IRAQ & Greece.

This important event last for six days between Athens & Thessaloniki and included mainly:

  • B2B meeting between IBA members and key persons from the major Creek companies classified as per their business activities (construction, trading & exportation, travel & tourism, industrial & manufacturers, etc…).
  • The Secretary General of IBA (Mr.Mohammed Al Hadithi) and selective members of the participants attended an invitation from the Invest in Greece governmental institute to share brief about the recommended investments opportunities and Greek law of investments.
  • Daily dinner invitations at the most traditional Greek restaurants which were attended by officials in charges from the Greek side to welcome the Iraqi delegation and build new cooperation relations between them.
  • The local press and TV of the Greece shows high interest of the Iraqi businessmen visit and spot light on the expected volume of benefits to their economy.
  • City tours were arranged by the even Greek organizers to show the major of Greece historical locations to the Iraqi businessmen delegation.  
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Milano Med Forum 2012
November, 2012
Based on a personal invitation to Mr.Mohammed AlHadeethi, Secretary General of IBA to attend Economic and Financial Forum for the Mediterranean (Milano Med Forum 2012), that was held in Milano 12-13 November, 2012.

Mr.AlHadeethi attended the forum, communicated with the organizers and held B2B meetings with the Italian companied that are interested in working in Iraq, and encouraged them for that.

IBA is ready to nominate Iraqi businessmen that are having the same interest of the Italian companies upon their request and continue cooperation between both sides.
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International Jordan Plast 2012
October, 8-10 2012
According to IBA policy in strengthening economic and business relations between them and their counterparts in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and based on meetings with Afaq Group for advertising, exhibition and conferences, an area of 120m2 was allocated four our association's members for free in this exhibition, and some of our members presented their plastic products in IBA section of the exhibition, taking the advantage of it to deliver a bright picture about the Iraqi plastic industry.

Mohammed AlHadeethi, Secretary General of IBA, met H.E. Mr. Atif Othebat, Minister of Labour (representing H.E. Jordanian prime minister), explaining to H.E all the difficulties that Iraqi businessmen are suffering from in Jordan and asking to work on overcoming them, and that could serve investment of both countries.
Pizarro International Furniture Gallery
June, 2012
Furnishings And Furniture Gallery Over Time.
This conference is deemed to be an important opportunity for participants in both public and private sectors and the mutual investment opportunities and projects which businessmen can establish in many fields. It will include holding bilateral meetings in the following sectors: Tourism, agriculture, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, building, contracting, furniture, clothes, electronics, cosmetics, healthcare, automotives, and metals along with other sectors.
Arab Indian X Investment Conference III
Abu Dhabi May 22 – 23
The association general secretariat of the Arab League and the Federation of Arab businessmen (Amman) the Federation of Arab Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Beirut) and Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry “Arab Indian Investment Conference III” shall be held in Abu Dhabi in the period as of May 22 – 23 2012 in Jumeirah Hotel – Abu Dhabi with the presence of a lot of Arab and Indian businessmen. The conference will form the opportunity of meeting of many businessmen from various Arab countries and India.
Arab Businessmen And Investors Conference XV
June, 2012

“Arab Businessmen and Investors Conference XV” which is expected to be held in Tunis as of May 14 – 15 under the title of “Arab Investment in the light of the current developments”

Main Subject:
The conference is important to emphasize on….
The “Arab Investment in light of the Current Developments” came to be a main subject to address the Arab investments towards productive and developing projects in the Arab countries especially in the countries that witnessed changes called “The Arab Spring” along with participating in the reconstruction, building and economic development of such countries in order to take part in reinstating the economic status and supporting the comprehensive Arab economic development.

Conference Objects:
The conference objects are concentrated in the following main aspects:

  • Defining the investment climate in the Arab world and the improvement requirements thereof.
  • Reviewing the investment opportunities in the Arab world along with concentrating on the Arab Spring Countries.
  • Reviewing the opinions of the local investors and the Arab ones about the obstacles of investment in the Arab world.
  • Encouraging the communication between the public and private sectors in terms of the affairs and needs of the Arab investment.
  • Displaying the suggested investment and constructing projects for promotion through the exhibition and workshops.

Arab Economic Forum:
Under the patronage of the Prime Minister, Mr. Najuib Miqaty, the Arab Economic Forum shall be held for its annual session XX on May 10 & 11, 2012 in Venice Hotel – Beirut.

To hold the forum of this year is to come in the middle of historical transformation and permanent changes in the Arab World as some of the Arab Spring Countries progress instantly to complete the establishment of free democratic regimes and to refresh their economics while other countries are still encountering disturbing positions and seek to finish the transitional phase with the minimum loss.

Accordingly, the most important subjects and issues on the forum agenda include the following:

  • The Arab economics and politics a year after the outbreak of revolutions and the horizons of the phase to come.
  • Effect of the political transformations and changes in the area on growth, stability and economic reform.
  • The requirements and priorities of establishing a new economic construction achieving the requirements of Arab peoples in terms of employment opportunities, living standard, equality and accountability.
  • The main economic motives in the area and the manner of using them in the highlight of the new positions.
  • The future of Arab cooperation and possibilities of improving thereof along with the future role of the Arab economics in the global economy.
  • Importance of the financial sector in supporting the Arab economic growth in the future.
  • Learning from the lessons of the transitional phases in other areas of the world.

As in every year, the forum will witness wide participation including the prime ministers, ministers, government officials from various Arab countries in addition to the leaders of business and money and investment in the Arab World and the wider area along with the global and Arab financing and developing institutions, experts, media agencies among other distinguished spectators. Again, there will be a lot of meetings and interviews tackling the current issues both in the Arab World and the International ones.

The forum is organized by the Group of Economy and business in cooperation with the central bank and the Bank Association in Lebanon and the IFC.

Arab And Chinese Businessmen Conference IV In Sharjah
January 18 - 19, 2012
These events were organized by the Arab League and the Chinese Council of International Trading and Chinese Trading Development in cooperation with Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, General Federation of Arab Countries Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Arab Ambassadors’ Council in China in order to enhance the level of Arab – China cooperation based upon common concerns and commercial exchange between China and the Arab countries in addition to providing the opportunities for reacting, communication and experiences exchange through gathering the Arab and Chinese businessmen along with providing a platform for the meeting of the businessmen and concluding commercial relationship with their equals.
Jordan – Greece Bilateral Meetings
Monday, April 23rd, 2012
Marriot Hotel - Amman
Jordanian and Greek businessmen confirmed the need to enhance economic and commercial ties between the two countries. During the Jordanian-Greek Business Forum. The forum, organized by Jordan Europe Business Association (JEBA) in cooperation with the Greek embassy with the appearance of various Arab businessmen including the Iraqi businessmen of the Association members with the appearance of the Secretary General of Jordanian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, CEO of Investment Encouragement, Head of JEBA, Greek ambassador in Jordan. Moreover, Mr. Mohammed Hassan Al Hadithy, Secretary of the Iraqi Businessmen Association, provided answers of the Association after holding the bilateral meetings between our association members who appeared distinguishably in the meetings.

The "Arab Business Community Meeting XIV" under the kind patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Prince of Qatar was held as of 20 - 21 / 2 / 2012 with the participation of the greatest Arab economic instructions and persons along with a lot of Arab businessmen and businesswomen around the Arab world.

The forum aims to enhance the Arab economic cooperation besides supporting the role played by the Arab business in economic development in addition to displaying the investment opportunities and projects in different economic sectors provided by Qatar and other Arab countries.
The Saudi Forum of Corporate Social Responsibility

The 2nd session of the Saudi Forum of Corporate Social Responsibility on 8 & 9 of Rajab 1433 H corresponding 29 and 30 may 2012 in Park Hyatt - Jeddah organized by Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Economic and Business Group. The 2nd session forms the completion of the 1st session held under the kind patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al Faisal, prince of Holy Mecca Area and it witnessed the launching of the Endow Fund of small premises and productive families of SR 65 millions and the "Taiseer" Project for the rehabilitation of official or private buildings of public use so as to enable all the motor disabled, blind and deaf people to use such buildings.

In its second session, the forum aims to outline the features of the following phase of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the method of overcoming the challenges preventing the generalization of such culture to the Saudi business community and turning the same into permanent strategies.

For two days the forum shall study various issues of which the most important:

  • Priorities of social issues for companies and the methods of achieving the sustainability of its programs.
  • The method of adapting the agenda of social responsibility of the corporate with the educational curricula.
  • How to prepare the social responsibility report of your company.
  • The mechanism of responsible supplying chains.
  • Large companies and their role in developing the small premises and new initiatives.
  • The media role in circulating the social responsibility of companies.
  • Local, territorial and global experiments in the field of corporate social responsibility.

The forum is expected to have wide participations by the government organizations and authorities and the Saudi companies and groups in particular and the Arab ones in general in addition to the participation expected from the expertise firms and specialized consulting offices.

Tunis Investment Forum 2012
June 14 - 15, 2012
The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency holds Tunis Investment Forum 2012 on 14 and 15 June, 2012 in Ramada Plaza Gammarth – Tunis which is organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation.

This forum, adopting the subject of New Tunis in terms of Future Challenges and The consequence opportunities, tends to define the New Tunis as a destination for foreign investments within a proper business climate.

The forum allows the guests to participate in the International Forum for Electronics and the International Exhibition for Tunis Med Industries 2012 which shall be held within the same time taking into account that all details concerning the forum and the details related to the program and the participation method was included in the forum website www.tunisiainvestmentforum.tn in both English and French languages.

Moreover, the agency also assigned a staff working on the email tif.tunisia@fipa.tn so as to answer all enquiries.
Agreement between IBA and the chamber of commerce of Pesaro (Italy)